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Pirates Cove History -

In the year 1789, the Famed Pirate "Captain Henry Morgan," after sinking a Spanish galleon in the straits of Florida, was caught in a horrendous storm.  His main sail broken, from a 20lb shot during the battle, he was limping back to Port Royal his natural hide-out.  The ship was caught and almost sank in a fierce summer storm.  He and his men were forced to land just south of this location in what is now called Ponce Inlet for repairs.  Worried about capture Captain Morgan and his men traveled up the coast and buried their ill gotten bounty on this very spot. 


   In 1913, Harold Sitdorf discovered a treasure chest containing over 280 lb of gold and silver.  This treasure would be worth $1,335,500 at today's prices.  Upon returning to Cincinnati, Ohio, Harold vowed to return one day and build a hotel, restaurant and bar resort on this site. 


   In 1973, his great grandson, Dan Cinhouser, fulfilled that dream by constructing Pirates Cove.  After many owners, the restaurant and bars were sold to descendants of Captain Morgan.  Oh!  I almost forgot to tell you the best part.  It is rumored that another treasure chest containing gold, silver and jewels is still located near this spot.  Over the years many people, both locals and tourist have found coins and jeweled trinkets in the ocean and on the beach.  If you have time, we hope you will try your luck at discovery.  Maybe you'll be lucky too!